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In this part of the website the reader is informed about the provision of services within the legal assistance section. You will find information on the following subjects :

  • First line legal assistance (C.J.B.)
  • Second line legal assistance (B.J.B.)
  • Permanent juvenile assistance
  • Permanent assistance in relation to foreigners

Bureau for legal assistance
(B.J.B. / office for legal assistance)

Business hours: from 2.30 pm -4.30 pm every work-day

The office can be reached by telephone from 10:00 am till 12:00 am-12 noon

Tel. 03 260 72 80 | Fax: 03 260 72 74 


Chairman: Len Augustyns
Assistant chairman : Jan De Lien
Coordinator: Annick Mortier
Assistance: Lynn Van der Mussele, Brent Debeule, Britt Boons, Jana Wouters, Nabil Ahmadzadah, Sara Van Driessche en Elise Mets